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Hello Guests and Returning Friends

Welcome to Shroomotopia. We require that all members must first log in before they are able to read or post. Registration is quick and easy. So please take a moment and join us. You must register with a valid email or your registration will fail. We hope to see you soon.
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Shroomotopia is a place where masters and noobies alike can come and learn to grow mushrooms together in harmony. A peaceful and chill place, for sure!
topics: 1,074   replies: 9,533

Introduce Yourself

Even seasoned members returning to the board should stop in and post a thread here 1st!
topics: 337   replies: 4,099

Shroomotopia Contests, Marketplace, Auction and Trades.

This is where you will find many of our contests, Market, Freebies as well as the free spore thread.
topics: 173   replies: 2,009
  1. Shroomotopia's Auction House
  2. Shroomotopia Marketplace
  3. Member Trades
  4. Shroomotopia Contests And Raffles

Site Suggestions, Tech Support & Testing

Have an idea or found a glitch in the board, post it here....not to say I can fix it, but will try...lol
topics: 255   replies: 1,938
  1. The Shroomotopian sandbox

Computer & Security Discussions

Got a personal computer issue or question, or have something security related to discuss? Post it here.
topics: 193   replies: 1,550

Toggle Mushrooms Mushrooms


General Cultivation (shrooms)

Feel free to talk about anything and everything mushroomy in this board. This is where your mushroom stuff that doesn't fit any other category....or if you're not sure, post it here!
topics: 2,596   replies: 24,916
  1. Noob Questions
  2. Agar & Cultures
  3. Contamination

Mushroom Teks

This is where you will find the teks to get started.
topics: 539   replies: 6,391
  1. PF tek
  2. Wild Bird Seed Teks
  3. Rye Tek
  4. Corn Teks
  5. Liquid Cultures & Agar Teks
  6. Community Teks
  7. Advanced Teks
  8. Experimental Teks
  9. Wood-lover Teks
  10. Edible Teks
  11. Outdoor Teks

Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

Post anything here about gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Anything from information on beneficial use to grow logs.
topics: 274   replies: 4,141
  1. Gourmet and Medicinal Growlogs

Outdoor Shroomhunter

Post what you find outside for Identification...
topics: 512   replies: 4,366

Workman's Workbench

Check out Workman's latest projects as he further pioneers the world of microscopy and mycology.
topics: 7   replies: 182

FAQ's and Terminology

This is where you can find abrv. and terms used in the practice of Mycology or Microscopy
topics: 31   replies: 566

Toggle Plants and Cacti Plants and Cacti


General Cultivation (Plants)

Here's where you can post your Grass projects, grow pics, etc. Want to learn how to grow marijuanna, check out this forum.
topics: 500   replies: 5,639
  1. Indoor Cultivation
  2. Outdoor Cultivation
  3. Grow Journals

The Garden

This is for anything to do with gardening...not just pot...
topics: 113   replies: 1,090


This is for you cacti lovers, post your cacti and succulent threads here.
topics: 300   replies: 2,783

Grass Related Teks

Here's where you can find the "how to", of the pot section...Want to learn how to grow pot, this section is for you.
topics: 105   replies: 989
  1. Auto-flower Plants

Plant Health, Sickness or Deficiency Issues

Here's where you can post concerns about your plants...Do you need help diagnosing a sick marijuanna plant, post here and maybe someone can help.
topics: 13   replies: 189

Toggle Alternative Substances Alternative Substances


Alternative Substances

If it's a drug...If it doesn't have a spot on the board and you use it, this is where you can talk about it.
topics: 288   replies: 3,482

Entheogens, Botanicals, etc

The name says it all.
topics: 200   replies: 1,879

Home Brewing 101

Why buy crappy beer when you can brew your own? This section is dedicated to the home production of all alcohols...
topics: 38   replies: 418

Mushroom & Bud-er Recipes

Post your best recipes active or not here!
topics: 85   replies: 752
  1. Gourmet Recipes

Toggle The Back Room The Back Room


Funny Sh!t - Let your Freak Flag Fly!

Post your funny here and share a smile!
topics: 1,379   replies: 7,304
  1. Talkin Sh!t
  2. Adult Content

News and Current events

News and current events - knowledge is power!
topics: 863   replies: 2,931

Art, Music, literature and Poetry

Share the beauty of life.
topics: 697   replies: 2,868
  1. Poets Corner
  2. Artists Corner
  3. Mushy Music

Movies, Ebooks, Video, Podcasts & Reviews

Post your movie, ebooks, video games and podcast thoughts and reviews here.
topics: 490   replies: 2,074
  1. Movies
  2. Ebooks
  3. Video Games
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Podcasts
  6. Cool Links

Science, Physics, Engineering, Biology & Mathematics

Explore the sciences and share your insights and findings.
topics: 127   replies: 714

The Fight for the Constitution

This is where you can post anything messed up the Govt. is doing, etc and how our freedom is being infringed upon more and more on a daily basis. Be one of those people who take action. Join your local militia. Every person counts, just joining doesn't obligate you to fight...sometimes the pen is mightier then the sword and sheer numbers make it happen.
topics: 341   replies: 1,804

Spirituality and Religion

This forum is for discussing spiritual and religious related topics. Disrespect will NOT be tolerated. All religious views are welcome!
topics: 212   replies: 2,026
  1. Exploring the Bible

Foil Hat Roundtable

Why yes, THEY are watching you.
- Conspiracies,Radical Phenomenological Psychoanalysis and the allseeingeye -
topics: 225   replies: 1,165

Enter your mind

Post your 'research' reports here. Tried some specific strain, tell us what happened!
topics: 152   replies: 1,306

Activism Awareness

Got a cause you feel strongly about? Get your message out here and lets discuss it.
topics: 154   replies: 561

General Health Stuff

Got a health question or something related to healthy living, etc? Post it here and maybe one of us can help.
topics: 167   replies: 1,115
  1. Addiction help
  2. Nutrition and Health
  3. Cannabis and Health

Hobbys and Other Projects

Working on something cool, a fun project and want to share it? Then post it here.
topics: 21   replies: 259
  1. Cars & Bikes

Toggle Urban & Wilderness Survival Discussion Urban & Wilderness Survival Discussion


General Survival Discussion

Anything that doesn't have somewhere to go in regards to survival discussions or any skills that can be useful in situations with no infrastructure...
topics: 240   replies: 1,755
  1. Canning and Food Storage
  2. Raising Animals
  3. Shelters 101
  4. Organic 1st Aid

DIY Projects and Improvised Solutions

Improvised and innovative solutions... Anything Do It Yourself that could be helpful in any situation.
topics: 60   replies: 471
  1. Improvised Fuels
  2. Chemistry
  3. Electricity & You

Toggle Vendors, Supplies,etc Vendors, Supplies,etc


Vendor Review

Post your vendor reviews here. Good or bad
topics: 81   replies: 601

Shroom Supply

THE mushroom superstore!
Everything you could possibly need for mushroom cultivation, all in one place!
topics: 14   replies: 86
  1. Go To Shroom Supply

Earths Tongue

For spores and more, everything's bigger in Texas.
topics: 149   replies: 1,359
  1. Goto Earths tongue

Fairy Ring Spores

For high quality spores and more...
topics: 4   replies: 17
  1. Go to Fairy Ring Spore Store

Sublicious Compost

Get the best for your crops!
topics: 11   replies: 73
  1. Go to Sublicious Compost


Everything you can imagine dealing with microscopy and mycology. It's the everything shroom superstore!
topics: 4   replies: 40
  1. Go to Out-Grow.com


Need to buy spores? Click here to go to sporeworks, a great vendor.
  • 12,079 Hits

The Rings

Free spores and seeds
  • 13,350 Hits

The Spore Depot

Looking for quality spores? Check out The Spore Depot for top quality spores, satisfaction guaranteed!
topics: 27   replies: 236
  1. Go To The Spore Depot

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French Forum

Parlez vous Francais? Besoin d'aide? Posez vos questions ici en ci qui concerne les champignons et les plantes.
topics: 4   replies: 35

Spanish Forum

Necesita ayuda? Formule aqui sus preguntas en cuanto a las setas y las plantas
topics: 2   replies: 25

German Forum

Haben Sie Fragen rund um Pilze oder Pfanzen? Post alle deutschen Material.
topics: 8   replies: 14

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Remembering the Fallen

topics: 14   replies: 437
  1. Heatsink's Contributions
  2. Eikon's Contributions

Archived Threads

Old stuff no longer being posted in or active but still worth reading.
topics: 0   replies: 0

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